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Student Forms

  • Academic Mentoring: Student Self-Alert Form
    Academic Mentoring: Student Self-Alert Form
  • Complaint Form: Discrimination, Harassment, Title IX, and Retaliation
    This form provides preliminary information to the college to assist in resolving violations of Lanier Technical College’s Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy. Please complete the form to the best of your knowledge. Once you submit this report you may be contacted by the Title IX Director if additional information is needed. Regardless of the nature of ...
  • Disability Services Classification and Registration
    Used by student to disclose a disability by completing a Classification Form, Registration Form, and to provide LTC with medical or psychological evaluation(s) regarding the specific disability. 
  • Disability Services Classification Form
    Disability Services Classification Form
  • Disability Services Registration
    Form is used for students to request support, knowledge, guidance, and services from Disability Services.
  • General Student Complaint Form with Procedures
    Step 1. Informal Procedure:  Student has 10 business days from date of incident being grieved to resolve the complaint informally by meeting with the college faculty or staff member directly involved in the incident.  If this process does not result in resolution of the grievance, the student may proceed to Step 2 – Formal Procedure. Step 2. Formal ...
  • Grade Appeal
    A student who elects to appeal an academic grade is required to adhere to the following process: Step 1. The student first appeals his/her final grade to the course instructor. The appeal must be written and submitted no later than the 10th instructional day of the following semester. The instructor will provide a decision in writing within ...
  • Special Populations Classification Form
    Special Populations Classification Form
  • Student Code of Conduct Complaint Form
    Please fill out the information below for students who you believe have violated the Student Code of Conduct. Be sure to include a description, if this type of behavior has occurred before, what was done in response, if you have discussed with the student, have you attempted to resolve the issue and if you felt ...

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