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General Student Complaint Form with Procedures

    Step 1. Informal Procedure:  Student has 10 business days from date of incident being grieved to resolve the complaint informally by meeting with the college faculty or staff member directly involved in the incident.  If this process does not result in resolution of the grievance, the student may proceed to Step 2 – Formal Procedure.

    Step 2. Formal Procedure:  Student should complete the Student Complaint Form below within 15 business days of the incident being grieved. Please complete the form with your information, date of the incident, description of the grievance, outcome of informal procedure effort, and desired remedy requested.

    Step 3. Processing by VPSA:  The submitted form will be forwarded directly to the Vice President of Student Affairs (VPSA) for processing.  The VPSA or his designee will have 15 business days to investigate and respond to the student.  In complex cases, the VPSA may notify the student that an additional 15 business days will be needed to respond.  The response will be sent via email to the student college email address with copy to private email address provided on this form.

    Step 4. Appeal of VPSA Decision:  If a student is unsatisfied with the response from the VPSA, the student may appeal his decision to the President of the college within 5 business days of receipt of the VPSA response.  The student must provide all relevant documents with his appeal, as the appeal will be decided based entirely upon the documentation provided with the appeal.  The President or appeals committee will make a decision within 10 business days of receipt of the appeal.  The President’s decision is final.

    Special Note: The Student Complaint Procedure and Form is NOT to be used for Grade Appeals, Student Code of Conduct violations, and Harassment or Discrimination complaints. Please refer to the college’s Course Catalog and Student Handbook for details on these respective procedures.

    Read the official policy in the catalog.